Bali Water Sports

There are so many choices of water sports activities in Bali as your holiday experience. One of the best spots is Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua water sport offering the newest and number of water activities that you may not found on the other spots in Bali. In addition, Nusa Dua also has an option package that you may choose according to your preference. one of the package is including short trip to turtle island. To the turtle island you simply cross by boat with the distance crossing just 25 minutes. If you lucky, you will have a chance to release baby turtle in the beach. There are not only turtles, but a wide selection of wild animals that you may not be found in a zoo
Bali Water sport price :
Parasailing                 $ 12.00
Banana Boat              $ 12.00
Banana Tubing         $ 22.00
Flying Fish                 $ 30.00
Jet Ski                          $ 25.00
Water Ski                    $ 30.00
Wake Boarding         $ 30.00
Glass Bottom Boat    $ 20.00
Snorkeling                  $ 20.00
Open Sea Walker       $ 45.00
1x dive                         $ 45.00
Snorkeling & Glass bottom  $24.00
Snorkeling, Glass bottom and Turtle Island $ 35.00

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