About Visit Bali Tour

Visit Bali Tour offer the best tour packages and vacation in Bali. Visit Bali Tour provides reliable tour guides, knowledgeable and responsive to the desires of tourists during their vacation in Bali. In implementing the excellent services, Visit Bali Tour has been practiced on going training towards the staffs.

Our service connecting travelers to all scenic spots specially in Bali. Visit Bali Tour was officially established in 2010. With years of experience we believe our staff will not being disappoint you in order to make your holiday more memorable. We offer a variety of tourism activities in Bali with more emphasis on the principle of “take home your beautiful experience with us”.

Our team:

Mr. Dionisius Yono is the founder of the Visit Bali Tour Agency. He has passion for seeking wisdom through traveling. He had years of working experience in business nature and has an expertise in tour and travel. In this context, he  has been a  leading key opinion leader on the subject of tourism in Bali. Mr. Dionisius Yono holds a bachelor degree at Saraswati university Bali Indonesia.

At certain places, now, exploring the other side of Bali.


2 thoughts on “About Visit Bali Tour

  1. Wir hatten den besten Reiseführer der Welt. Das was wir dieses mal zu sehen bekommen haben, hätten wir nicht ohne unseren Dion zu sehen bekommen. Nochmal Herzlichen Dank an unseren super Reise Guide Dion. Du warst spitze.!!!!

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