If you spend a bit of time in Bali, you’ll start to pick up on locals asking you, “sudah makan?” upon meeting. This means, “Have you eaten?” and is the Balinese version of, “How are you?” Making sure the community is taken care of is a big part of Balinese culture. And as we all know, we’re happiest when we’re well fed! Bali Cooking Class taking apart how to know Bali from the other side.

Food in Bali is a holy offering, a daily ceremony, a healing ritual and delicious. Sitting down for a meal, whether you’re at someone’s home or dining in a cafe, immerses you in something much larger than quenching an appetite. Often, dining feels like being a part of a communal celebration of life.

If you’re looking to truly get a glimpse into authentic Balinese life, then a cooking class in Bali is where you need to find yourself. A great activity for all the family, cooking classes take you on an incredible journey driven by your taste buds. A typical cooking class in Bali teaches you not just about local foods and how to prepare them, but walks you through a typical Balinese day and introduces you to the various traditions and beliefs they hold about food and how it plays into their everyday life.

Taking part in a Balinese cooking course, you will get to experience:

  • Local markets
  • Balinese homes
  • Local farms & how to harvest your own food
  • Learning about different spices and herbs used for spice and healing
  • Discovering how the Balinese use food as an offering to the Gods

At any cooking lesson, you can expect to learn how to cook:

  • Soups
  • Rice
  • Curries
  • Bali crepes
  • Corn fritters
  • Sambal
  • Peanut sauce
  • Noodle dishes

Take some journey of a cooking lesson with us with the price only $ 50/pax

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