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Bali Cruise Package

Bali’s marine tourism has recently been in the spotlight because of its underwater natural beauty. Bali offers not only the beauty of cultural tourism but also its marine tourism. There are some options for exploring marine tourism in Bali. Based on the experience of tourists, one that dominate bali cruise of tourists to be used as a reference is Bali Hai Cruise.
It has been established since 1990. With years of experience, this cruise has many choices of marine packages to suit the pleasure of tourists. Offering a range of activities to cater for those with an adventure spirit, to those who are seeking a relaxing day on a paradise island. However, other cruises like Bounty Cruise and Sea Safari Cruise also play an important role in making a cruise adventure for tourists. They always trying be a leading of cruise adventure in Bali.

Bali Cruise Package Optional

Lembongan Beach Club Bali Cruise

Lembongan on Bali Cruise Package

What’s on Lembongan Beach Club Cruise?

Cruise to Lembongan Island aboard Bali Hai II and relax on the golden sands in tranquil Lembongan Bay at the Bali Hai Cruises Private Beach Club. The Beach Club Cruise offers an exciting blend of relaxation and exploration. Our luxury catamaran, Bali Hai II departs from Benoa Harbour at 9:15am and cruises to Hai Tide Beach Resort on Nusa Lembongan Island.

Lembongan Reef Reef Cruise

Pontoon on Bali cruise package

What’s on Lembongan Reef Cruise?

Lembongan reef cruise is offer you all day activities throughout open sea water. In addition Bali hai cruises are rounded out with own Bali hai Diving Adventure. You will enjoy light breakfast in the morning at bali hai cruises pontoon. Then you can Swim all day while also try unlimited banana boat rides.

Sea Safari Dinner Cruise

Sunset Dinner at Sea Safari Cruise

Dinner Cruise with Sea Safari cruises is offer an incredible experience holiday in Bali. Enjoy delicious dinner at wooden boat on the sea with a wonderful sunset view. Getting entertain by live music show, exotic belly dance, awesome fire dance and play various game with a prize.

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