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Bali Skydive

Bali Skaydive

Available in Bali now.  Newest indoor skydive completed your experience during holiday in Bali. Indoor Bali Skydive is offer a different sensational action in pumping your adrenaline. You can break away from the ground without any problems and enjoy the flight as if you are on the sky. The ascending flow blows with speed of 270 km/h will push you up from ground. This actually what astronauts feel when they are on zero gravity.

Who can do Indoor skydive?

The aerodynamic tunnel can fly by kids from 4 years old, elder people, professionals or even beginner. Our professional instructor will assist to train you about the basic movement and safety. You will be equipped with special costume, helmet and shoes for a whole flight.


100% safety

YOU DON’T NEED ANY SPECIAL SKILLS! Our Indoor Bali skydive professional instructors will look after you during the whole flight. They will keep you safe and help to reach the best feelings and results. You’ll taste incredible feeling of TRUE flight that you cannot compare with anything else!

Indoor Bali Skydive Price

Flight Duration Publish Rate Nett Rate Remarks
2 skydives USD 70 USD 45 1 person
4 skydives USD 100 USD 75 up to 2 persons
6 skydives USD 120 USD 100 up to 3 persons
Return Hotel Transfer
Safety Equipment.
Professional Instructor
Government Tax

What To Bring?

  • A good mood
  • Identification (passport / driver license / or Some ID) Socks.


Open Daily from 12 pm to 9 pm

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