bali swing

Bali Swing in Ubud

Bali swing in Ubud. Try a different sensation in ubud with a super high swing offer in the village hills. This is a tourist’s favorite swing. The location is lined with scenic rice paddies and villages, small streams, coconut trees, coffee plantations and a very fresh village air adds to your excitement to swing.
In this spot you will also be treated with new knowledge to know more about the production of civet coffee or kopi luwak. Kopi Luwak is recognized as the world’s most expensive coffee. You will see firsthand civet animals that have been tame to produce the coffee. Try a variety of flavors of coffee and tea for free here.

  • Price:
    USD 15.00 per person.
  • Bali swing combination with 2 hour atv ride:
    USD 60.00 (single ride atv)
    USD 110.00 (tandem ride atv)
  • Bali Swing Combination with 2 hours atv ride and ubud tour
    USD 115.00 (single ride atv)
    USD 140.00 (tandem ride atv)

Booking minimum 2 persons.
Price for Bali swing and atv ride is not include transport

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